Nisplay N1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine

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  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy to Carry
  • Multi-functional and Multi-mode
  • Dual Motor,More Powerful
  • Spin-control Feature
Version: Ball Machine Only
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Version: Ball Machine Only
Ship from: AU: Local delivery 3-10 business days


Nisplay N1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine, the world’s smallest tennis ball launcher. The small size and portability makes it convenient to take with you no matter where you’re headed. Enhance your performance on the court with the Nisplay N1.

What Makes Nisplay So Special?

  • Max Speed Launch: Experience the power of a superstrong launch at maximum speed.

  • Adjustable Pace: Gain great control over your training drill by adjusting the shot pace.

  • Effective Spin: Enjoy seamless Topspin and Backspin functionality for diverse shot practice.

  • Convenient Remote: Easily pause and start drills with the handy remote, saving time during training.

  • Versatile Angle Range: Practice various shots with a good selection of adjustable angles.

  • Long-lasting Battery: High-capacity battery lasts for multiple 1-hour sessions, comes with a convenient carrying case.




Operate Time



12.5" x10.6" x12.6"

Power Supply Mode


Ball Capacity


Battery Mode

External battery

Launch speed

6 - 68MPH(10- 110KPH)

How To Move

Mobile tug, pull rod, handle

Feed Frequency


Battery Capacity

12V 9AH

Launch Angel

0-50 degree

Control Mode

Panel and remote control

Working Style

High-speed motor two-wheel drive independent control

Random Accessories

Rechargeable battery, remote control, power cord (DC cable)

What's in the Box


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great customer service

I researched a large number of ball machines and decided on this one based on the features and the price. I received this at Christmas and have only had the opportunity to use a couple of times because of the weather. The instructions are easy to follow and it does not take long to get the controls dialed in. So far, it works very reliably although there is occasional variability in the distance that the ball is thrown, but I don't regard this as an issue because I don't think it's realistic to expect to stand in exactly the same place all the time. Otherwise, it performs as expected and I am very pleased. It is very good value for the money.

Most of all, I want to comment on customer support. I opened up the machine as a Christmas gift. This included the oscillator. When I went to use this machine for the first time I noticed that I did not have the power splitter cord to run from the battery to the ball machine and oscillator. I don't know if it was missing or was accidentally thrown out. Regardless, when I contacted customer support by email and explain the situation, they immediately mailed me a new cord free of charge. Whether it was my error or not, it was clear that they wanted a satisfied customer. In my opinion, good customer service is as important as the quality and value of the product.

Great Little Machine

This is a great little machine! I was skeptical about buying an unknown brand but customer service was very prompt in answering my questions before purchase. I have used it 13 or 14 time so far and have had no problems. The balls have never jammed. Once in a while there was a delay in ball launch but no manual intervention was required and the misfire corrected itself each time. I did not buy the oscillator. I alternate between forehand and backhand shots and get a good workout. I try not to change the ball launch angle too much. Instead, I move the machine forward or back to the baseline depending on whether I want to practice ground strokes or lobs. The external battery is a big plus as well. I find it is best to charge the battery right after each use. I vacuum the machine to remove debris or green lint from the balls that collects in the machine. I am in my sixties and find this machine very light and useful in practicing a wide range of shots. I have purchased other ball machines but have had problems when the balls jammed. I have not had problems with this one so I am giving it 5 stars.

Amanda Frazier
Great product, very responsive!

I have only had the Nisplay tennis ball machine for about a month, but I have only have positive reviews. The tennis ball machine with and without the oscillator works great.

I also had an issue with the battery, potentially caused by not correctly connecting the wires (push them on between the prongs, it requires a little muscle to get them on!). When I contacted Nisplay, I was put in touch with a very responsive contact that even called me and sent me a new battery for free, even though I may have caused the issue. Overall, I am very pleased with both the product and the customer service!

Russell B.
Ball Maxhine

Great machine, and the customer service is great.

small, light, good

This machine is small enough to fit in the trunk of my car. It is light enough so I can carry with one hand.
The battery is external, so I leave the machine in the car, and just take the battery to charge.
I use it to practice backhands, volleys and overheads. I find it very useful for practice and warm up. The first day I had an issue with balls getting stuck inside. Customer service was quick to contact me and show me how to fix that. The machine does not have the sophistication of larger and heavier models, but I did not expect that. All in all I am very happy.