About Nisplay

Nisplay is an innovative sports technology company dedicated to revolutionizing tennis training and taking performance to the next level. The company’s corporate headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with offices also in New York US, Shenzhen China, NSW Australia and Toronto Canada. Nisplay has been a global pioneer in the portable tennis machine industry. Our products like Nisplay N1/N2 ball launcher have sold more than 100K+ worldwide.

Innovation Meets Passion.

Founded by a group of tennis lovers, engineers, and design fanatics, Nisplay brings a unique blend of design expertise and personal passion for sports. At the core of the Nisplay brand is the belief that transformative gear starts with imagination, intelligence, and inclusivity.

Tennis Is For Everyone

We believe that tennis is for everyone. We want to inspire beginners and competitive players alike through the simple joy of play. We are building a community united by this vision. One that harnesses technology to deepen the pleasure, competition, and growth that tennis provides to millions.

Loved by Tennis Players Worldwide

The innovative Nisplay N1 ball launcher from sets a new standard for technology as well as aesthetics. Clocking in at an compact size, this lightweight trainer was engineered for maximum portability and convenience, so you can hone your skills anytime, anywhere.