Nisplay N2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine

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  • Onboard battery display
  • Enhanced transmission angle adjuster
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy to Carry
  • Multi-functional and Multi-mode
  • Dual Motor,More Powerful
  • Spin-control Feature
  • Note: Batteries and chargers not included; buyers must provide their own. Recommended: LiFePO4 battery and charger (12V 9Ah-10Ah).
Version: Ball Machine Only
Color: Pink

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Version: Ball Machine Only
Color: Pink


Equipped with an onboard battery display for real-time power monitoring and an enhanced transmission angle adjuster for more precise control over your shots, the Nisplay N2 is designed to elevate your game to new heights.
Take your performance on the court further with the Nisplay N2.

What Makes Nisplay N2 So Special?

  • Max Speed Launch: Experience the power of a superstrong launch at maximum speed.

  • Adjustable Pace: Gain great control over your training drill by adjusting the shot pace.

  • Effective Spin: Enjoy seamless Topspin and Backspin functionality for diverse shot practice.

  • Convenient Remote: Easily pause and start drills with the handy remote, saving time during training.

  • Versatile Angle Range: Practice various shots with a good selection of adjustable angles.

  • Long-lasting Battery: High-capacity battery lasts for multiple 1-hour sessions, comes with a convenient carrying case.




Operate Time



12.5" x10.6" x12.6"

Power Supply Mode


Ball Capacity


Battery Mode

External battery

Launch speed

6 - 68MPH(10- 110KPH)

How To Move

Mobile tug, pull rod, handle

Feed Frequency


Battery Capacity

12V 9AH

Launch Angel

0-50 degree

Control Mode

Panel and remote control

Working Style

High-speed motor two-wheel drive independent control

Random Accessories

Rechargeable battery, remote control, power cord (DC cable)

What's in the Box