Nisplay N1 Portable Automatic Tennis Ball Machine

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  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy to Carry
  • Multi-functional and Multi-mode
  • Dual Motor,More Powerful
  • Spin-control Feature
Version: Ball Machine Only
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Version: Ball Machine Only
Ship From: AU: Local delivery 3-10 business days


Nisplay N1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine, the world’s smallest tennis ball launcher. The small size and portability makes it convenient to take with you no matter where you’re headed. Enhance your performance on the court with the Nisplay N1.

What Makes Nisplay So Special?

  • Max Speed Launch: Experience the power of a superstrong launch at maximum speed.

  • Adjustable Pace: Gain great control over your training drill by adjusting the shot pace.

  • Effective Spin: Enjoy seamless Topspin and Backspin functionality for diverse shot practice.

  • Convenient Remote: Easily pause and start drills with the handy remote, saving time during training.

  • Versatile Angle Range: Practice various shots with a good selection of adjustable angles.

  • Long-lasting Battery: High-capacity battery lasts for multiple 1-hour sessions, comes with a convenient carrying case.




Operate Time



12.5" x10.6" x12.6"

Power Supply Mode


Ball Capacity


Battery Mode

External battery

Launch speed

6 - 68MPH(10- 110KPH)

How To Move

Mobile tug, pull rod, handle

Feed Frequency


Battery Capacity

12V 9AH

Launch Angel

0-50 degree

Control Mode

Panel and remote control

Working Style

High-speed motor two-wheel drive independent control

Random Accessories

Rechargeable battery, remote control, power cord (DC cable)

What's in the Box


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great ball machine, great features

It is not so heavy, easy to carry around, it's super compact compared to other machines I look at online.

The features are fantastic: speed, time, spin, remote control, and angle all work very well

Can make the launch very strong when at max speed. Depending on where you place the machine, that can be super powerful, like a string real person

It gives you great control for your drill as you can speed up the pace or go slow enough so you can brief between shots.

Both Topspin and Backspin work like a charm. Max spin will not be so powerful as the flat launch though. Because you will have one motor speed at max and the other at minimum, while the flat launch will use max speed for both. But it is still pretty good.

The remote
It is super helpful if you want to pause/start a drill for any reason. So you don't waste time and ball launches walking to the machine to pause/start your training session. But that's it, play/pause features only.

It has a good angle range, the not-so-nice part is how you adjust it.
You have to use a small dial to set the angle you want.
That's a
- slow process
- the dial is somewhat hard to turn
- it's not clear what angle you are at. The angle "indicator pin" near the angle marks is big (e.g it takes the space from 40 to 50 degrees mark)

I have used the machine for 3 or 4 sessions of 1 hour each and the battery is still showing 100% charged, so that's good.
It comes with a little nice case for the battery too, which is super helpful to carry it around and put it to charge separately from the machine.
The battery finish looks like a prototype though. With loose cables and the battery level tester kind of improvised attached to it.

Overall I really liked it

It is a very good machine

Well made, easy to carry. Like it so far

So far, reliable

So far, with limited use, the Nisplay ball machine seems quite adequate for practice drills, although I have not tried it at the high range of speeds. Occasional delays in ball feed, and the motion platform tends to move it a bit to the side, but these are minor problems. I'm glad I ordered a bunch of pressureless balls to use, for their regularity of bounce.

Zhibin Li
Portable, good quality, great buy for the price

I searched through lots of website for tennis machine around 1k. I decided to go for Nisplay for a shot and after 3 weeks of use for more than 10 times, I didn’t regret it.

The whole machine is quite compact so I can easily fit it into my sedan trunk with all my other equipments and a basket holding 80 balls.

The best part is I only need to take the battery out to my apt for recharge, saving me a lot of troubles. And connect it for usage only take like 10s.

The overall build look pretty solid and good quality. It is way smaller other tennis ball machine out in the market but still hold the same power.

Bad part? I don’t know other machines. This one, for a whole basket like 80 balls, it would usually get jam for 3-4 times. But it has 3 holes for holding the ball, so I never need to manually correct the ball machine. Just wait out the empty shot and it’s good to go for next ball.

Great purchase!

I started with the spinshot ball machine. It is an awesome tennis ball machine -it's just way to heavy to get in and out of my car. I was looking at the Proton ball machine, which was lighter, but no wheels to transport it. The Nisplay was a great solution. It's light, it has wheels, and it works well. The customer service is great. I misplaced my remote -they replaced it. My oscillator stopped working -they had me ship it back, they repaired it, and shipped it back the same day. They made everything so easy. I'm so happy with this purchase.